Before you Can be Baptized

There are many thing in our church - the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints - that has to be done BEFORE you can be baptized - we take these things vary seriously! 1 - be taught the full gospel - more than faith, repentance, baptism, and gift of holy ghost - A) Learn real faith - by reading book of Mormon and keeping commitments - praying and listening in faith - get your prayers answered and seek to keep doing these things B) Real Repentance - change in your nature - forsaking sins - confessing sins - being interviewed by those who have authority - C) Taught about commandments and then keep them - from virtue to tithing and many more things - also attend church D) Pay tithing - 10% of income before taxes to church E) Stop smoking or drinking Coffee Alcohol - Drug problems etc. F) Be worthy and virtuous - repent and sexual sins over come G) other things that are not discussed here - could be marital or family problems - usually with divorce or Crimes or other things - honesty - related things - ( these things can take time and may need to overcome - legally or morally - depends on sins - some are server! Past crimes murder, or killing, or other things have to be approved by first presidency of Church... Most people do not have these sever problems but it does happen - more often then most of us think - Lastly you will generally be interviewed by two people Missionary Leaders and a Bishop or branch President... These people lovingly want to make sure you are ready for baptism and usually Bishops have to approve them before the are actually done... Christ was baptized by John the Baptist!

Through a lot of effort this tree grew on this rock and finally produced not only a tree but seeds and other life!

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