Prayer Mediation and Scripture Study some Basics

This is just some basics on Prayer Meditation and Scripture Study I will have some more videos and text on these topics - there's so much on this that it will take several videos and discussions just to get started on these topics... so be patient.... The simplest prayer is in 4 parts - 1) Addressing Heavenly Father or Our Father who is in Heaven ei. Our Father who is in Heaven - and start giving thanks for things - part number 2 - below.... 2)Give thanks for the many things you have... ei - We thank Thee for _______ think of things you are thankful for and tell Heavenly Father thanks for them... 3) Ask for things you stand in need of ei. - Will thou bless the food we are about to partake of to strengthen and nourish our bodies this day etc... 4) End in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen ei. We ask for these things in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen... Some things to remember - don't rush your prayers, read scriptures or sign hymns or listen to uplifting things - so your feel the spirit and are ready to pray before you actually start to pray -- Learn to quite your mind down and focus - while you pray - learn to still your mind while you pray - do this early in the morning while you are wide awake and have great energy... Learn to listen and feel as you pray and in private Mediate as you pray - giving yourself time to listen and feel as your pray -- again preparing for this meditation and prayer is important - you should set time away or aside so you can be alone and undisturbed to think, focus and ask things in your mind and in voice if necessary... If you are in great need you should also be fasting - and be doing your prayers in silence... to avoid being heard by the adversary ( Satan and his followers )! You should get into the habit of returning and reporting to God on your prayers and actions through out the day and his workings of the spirit with you that day.... You should learn to think and feel after the Lord and learn to know and accept his will over yours.... Of course there is much more to this... Learn to recognize his hand in your life through out the day... We are going to end this with just prayer, we will tie into scriptures and mediation more, as well as better prep for these things and better follow up in the application of these things together...... Most importantly believe in the Power of GOD and his desire to bless us and comfort us etc. etc. etc.

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