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Sound Investing Principles that never change!?

Updated: Mar 21

In this world of so many changes - some principles on investing have never changed! ( Be Wise & Diligent! )

No matter what investment system you choose become an expert in it, do something that works and become an expert in it.. so what can you do right now?

A) Set a budget and put money aside for investments and emergencies - to support you in an up or down markets - markets will always go up and down - make sure you can make money in both times.... experts do this ALL the time..

B) Besides a budget make sure you make enough money so you can invest, and can take care of not only your basic needs but of retirement and other needs - short and long term... This takes planning this takes work and this takes time -

so START early and keep working on these plans!

There are many things to invest in, your home, your family, your spiritual basis, and your career, your retirement, and your children, mentally - emotionally and eternally -- get the full 360 degrees for an Eternal Perspective -

including ordinances and temple covenants ( more on this later! )

Learn to track both your expenses and your income(s) - better if you can produce incomes..

Start out with budget and cash and silver...

Now the next video and links are on silver and 7k metals!

7k metals first video -

Introduction on me at "To Move Up dot com"

( The above site - to move up has other investment ideas for a future time - crypto investments etc.)

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Now a video on why silver and gold are so important when paper money fails - see below and share.......

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