• Roger Martin

I didn't follow still Small Voice

I know better but too many time we do not calm out busy mind down and follow a higher light or power - So I was supposed to take one daughter camping to a place that she had not been to before - I waited until she got home from work and we headed out to the camp place I had been there years before - my oldest daughter was going to meet us there - a place called Jimmy Joes camp ground - I made it there my other daughter was following us - she saw the camp sign - honked at us we are partly def and didn't hear the honk - the daughter following us didn't turn in there but got up set and went back home!

I looked for her for an hour and finally went into that camp ground and my oldest daughter was there with her family - now I had a prompting to turn in there but didn't it not only cost me 27 wasted dollars but more importantly - the younger daughter left and went home - to calm the mind down and list - and obey is so important!

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