• Roger Martin

Faith Starts when you learn to recognize the spirit of Jesus Christ ...

Updated: Mar 21

I will tell you in your Heart ( Feelings ) and in your Mind ( thoughts )! Learning this will build a foundation for spiritual growth that will last until your are perfected in Christ...

Can you recognize the spirit of Christ from all other spirits? ( This is the real secret and key to spiritual growth - that leads to eternal life! )

But Christ's authorized Servants can help you too....

Don't just rush through this video, do you pray for the spirit, do you read scriptures do you use sacred music to help you recognize the spirit of Jesus Christ?

Can you feel that spirit when it is with you, can you feel the difference when it leaves, have you felt not only his love but his power to help you do things beyond your own power?

There is so much more to this topic - that one may not be able to fully explain these things by pen and word or deed!

Are you teaching these things to your Children?

Are the learning to love and work with the spirit of Christ more and more - this is a great truth and relationship of the Power of Godliness - Holiness - Virtue and Truth found in the power and use of the gift of the holy Ghost and the power of Jesus Christ..... etc. etc. etc. etc. to Perfection -

Godliness - this is what we should seek with all our heart mind and strength - for we are heirs of the most High God - Heavenly Father...

He wants us to become one with him... becoming one with the Father and Son - eventually having your calling and Election made sure...

Virtue plus Sacrifice - putting all on the alter is the only way to do this - and a few have done this - while working in the spirit and fully submitting to the will of the Father in all things -

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