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Beyond the Corona Virus - Seeing the Big Picture

Updated: Mar 30

Almost everything you do in this life is a distraction from what really needs to be done - the following video is just a distraction - it was taken down by YouTube... so I can not show it but I should not feel bad - they took it off of Glenn Becks Show too.. ( this is another side track )

It makes me mad, but I move on,... See text below my video.. Our Story began long before our Birth...

Watch the video below - Part 2 War in Heaven

Sorry there is no part one....

Most of us don't know we lived a long time,

Before we were born on this earth!

Part of Glenn's transcript of the above video -

this that the President of the United

States of America our commander in chief

has the authority to authorize the use

of hydroxychloroquine against corona

virus immediately he has cut more red

tape at the FDA than any other president

in history and

for example in 2017 the

FDA approved a muscular dystrophy drug

based on an uncontrolled trial of less

than 15 patients that's 1/5 and the drug

was approved by the FDA

so what I'm here

to report is based on a well controlled

peer-reviewed clinical study out of the

South of France by the most eminent

infectious disease specialist in the

world Didier Raoul MD PhD

he enrolled 40

patients which showed a 100% cure rate

after taking two generic drugs

hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin 100

percent cure rate against coronavirus

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