Let's list some major events  that could happen - this coming spring!

1 - Major War breaks out in Jerusalem!

2 - Two Latter day Saint Apostles - start testifying in Jerusalem.

3 - 3rd Temple corner stone is dedicated so they can start to build their


4 - People are being physically - Quickened to Prepare world for Christ's

Second coming...

Other events - like building the temple, with war going on,  priests continue to offer sacrifices, more people teaching about Christ or Messiah openly, more Jews going back to Israel!  etc. etc.

" Keep your eyes on Israel after the spring of 2021 "

No one will stop what is shortly going to happen!!

Spiritual Updates Coming - Cures and more

Be Aware of Politics but Invest in faith and family

Scriptures. Study. Prayer, and Mediation - The Basics...

Spirit in action, every day events and applications......

Spiritual use of Modern Media - with Parental Guidance......

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